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Kyle LeBlanc - San Diego, California contemporary artist. LeBlanc is a self taught painter; inspired by his ocean & the desert landscapes of the American west coast.

The artist Kyle LeBlanc brings a unique vibrant energy to fine art. Unlimited by the boundaries of traditional practice. LeBlanc was reborn as artist in 2018. Collegiate athlete in football and track, LeBlanc found his love for art in his last year at Idaho State University where he recieved his bachelors degree.

2020 LeBlanc managed to turn his art aspirations into a living profession and the artist continues to live the dream in California. LeBlanc has worked with professional athletes, famous musicians & big named brands to place his work into collections worldwide. Large scale, bold and brilliantly colored murals are as interesting and perfect in their imperfection as small scale, intimate pen on canvas drawings to the artist Kyle LeBlanc.

LeBlanc Company was founded by the artist with the aim to create an imperfectly perfect creative lifestyle. The desire to express himself inspired the artist to build a brand around his work in order to rebirth art as a lifestyle. LeBlanc Co. was established to build something bigger than Kyle LeBlanc the artist. LeBlanc Company is a new art form unique to the Now.

In the artists’ words:

“I only sell original work. I want my work to remind people that they are 1 of 1 & the world desperately needs everyone and for everyone to be their true self. I see a lot of people trying to be someone they aren’t & it hurts because if you’re not you, do you truly exist? Nothing in life is truly perfect, even the straightest line in the world is an impossible dream. It’s easy to get caught up with perfection. Focus on being you & improving the people around you, that will truly aim our world in a perfection direction.

I want people to look at my work & get lost in their own imagination. When someone’s first question about my work is appointed towards me, it’s an indicator to me that I need to continue to improve my work. I want my art to benefit the viewer. I get my benefit bringing pieces together by telling different stories on the canvas. The world moves so fast it’s easy for us to lose track of what’s really happening in the now. I hope my art helps slow people down & provides the opportunity for people to gain a medication experience by getting lost in their own mind. I pour a lot of my sadness into my work”

Bringing your Creative dream to life

Creative Dreamin'

Our client asked for a Greece and California inspired mural. We combined the Parthenon on Acropolis, Athens and classic California palms.